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In today's fast changing world of ministry, every leader has to find ways to keep himself sharp and effective as he seeks to make Jesus known throughout the world. This is especially true of leaders who seek to influence other leaders. Directors of Missions are in a very strategic place of influence and must maintain an avenue of continuing education in order to serve pastors and church leaders in strategically reaching their communities and beyond.

We currently serve in a state of two conventions and in a denomination that is still unclear how strategic the local association can be to the local church and its ministry. One day, long ago, the local DOM was the conduit of state and national strategies and agendas and served as that local partner to achieve success. There are national leaders today who still think this is the way to operate, but this has been outmoded for many years. Now the state conventions are continuing to develop their own "strategists" to take their plans to the local church, many times by-passing the local associaton. Some DOMs are having to adapt to the new paradigm because they were trained in the old way of doing things. The plain and simple fact is the world is changing more rapidly than ever before and so is church ministry.

Doms need to be effective and life-long learning is going to have to be a staple in our ministries if we are to remain effective. TXADOM is run by DOMs for DOMS and is the only organization that was formed solely for the purpose of assisting the DOM ministry. There are no other agendas so all of the training, peer-learning, and invited expert leadership focus on the DOM and his ministry. Paying a dues and participating in the two meetings annually is a small and impactful investment that will not only benefit me but those brother DOMS who participate as well. Iron will sharpen iron and the state of Texas and beyond could feel the impact.

If you are a DOM serving in Texas, I urge you to consider becoming part of this organization designed for you. As a member, your continuing input can help shape it so TXADOM will continue to be effective for years to come.

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